“Whoops, I didn’t get dressed again today” and Other Secret Thoughts from the Mind of a Freelancer

Being a freelance writer is something that not everyone understands. The phrase “Takes one to know one” (which apparently has …

Being a freelance writer is something that not everyone understands.

The phrase “Takes one to know one” (which apparently has been around since the early 1900s!) perfectly describes freelancers.

When we meet other freelance writers, we tend to “get” each other, even if we write in completely different niches or have been writing for different lengths of time.

We understand the hours put in, the challenge of pitching, of getting rejections, the long days, late nights, working weekends, and the ups and downs of the work (especially in the beginning).

We also can relate to the joys of doing something we love, of seeing our work published and shared by others, and other freelancers completely appreciate the job flexibility that we have.

So, when it comes to “getting” each other, I thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts that I have (and I called on some of my freelancing colleagues to share their thoughts), because I have a feeling you can relate.

And, if you’re just dipping your toe into the freelancing pool, here’s some insight into what you can look forward to.

34 Thoughts Only Freelancers Can Relate To:

  1. Email is sent. [Sigh of relief] Oh no- I forgot to attach the file!! [Face in palm]
  2. Yes! I got paid! Wait- which post was this for? When did I write that? Sh*t…I need to keep better track of these things!
  3. The coffee is great at this shop, but I wonder how the Wi-Fi is…Raj Chander
  4. Woo hoo! They accepted my pitch!!...[2 weeks later as I sit down to write]…ugh, why did I pitch this? I have nothing to say!
  5. Wife: We need something from CVS. Me: I’ll go!Brian Casel
  6. Whoops, didn’t get dressed again today. Oh well. I was super productive.
  7. Can I skip the shower today or do I have to meet someone where I have to look presentable? – Becky Garrison
  8. If I mobile order my Starbucks and I’m just coming back home, do I really need to get dressed?
  9. Hmm…what am I going to write…
  10. Wait, I could have deducted WHAT on my taxes?! Tif Chaney
  11. It’s really bright out. When was the last time I was outside?
  12. Okay- this article is due Wednesday. What day is today?
  13. I’d better iron something for that interview. When did I last iron something? Susan J Cunningham
  14. I’m perfect for this assignment. What the heck am I going to say in my pitch?
  15. Yes! Lots of jobs lined up this month. And I’ll get paid…eventually!
  16. Oh right, it’s Saturday/some holiday everyone else takes off/ ten p.m. and normal people are not working.Jamie Cattanach
  17. Haha- I love how people just stare at me blankly when I say I’m a freelance writer.
  18. Ugh! Why do people just stare at me blankly when I say I’m a freelance writer?
  19. Why can’t I make this much money every damn month? Emily Fariss
  20. Where’s that email I sent that I need to follow up on? Ugh— I need to get more organized!!
  21. Did I eat lunch today?
  22. No, I can’t babysit today because I’m working. The fact that I’m walking around in PJs, laptop under one arm, snacks under another, doesn’t make this less true!Claire Trevien
  23. It’s so rude how the baristas crank the frappuccino blender right when I’m trying to concentrate... Elaine Christie
  24. What am I going to eat for lunch? Cookies? Taquitos? Both. Definitely both.
  25. So hard to concentrate with Sesame Street in the background. [2 hours later] Sunny days, chasing the…ahhh- get out of my head!!
  26. I can’t believe I get paid to do this.Chante Griffin
  27. Which article should I start with??
  28. I’m not sure which is worse- silence or rejection.
  29. Did anyone see me in this outfit yesterday? Then I’ll wear it again. Jordi Lippe-McGraw
  30. How long has it been since I sent that pitch? I should follow up…Is it too soon? Will they think I’m harassing them? Will that cost me the job? Or will they appreciate that I’m dedicated and that I follow through???
  31. I wonder if this interviewee would take me as seriously if they knew I was currently wearing Big Bird PJs and monster feet slippers, while sitting on a toadstool stool? Alice Clark
  32. Where did I put my laptop?
  33. I wonder if they can hear the kids screaming downstairs… Justin Kuepper
  34. Ugh- I forgot my charger! This is what happens when I try to leave the house.
  35. [Opens email] You’ve been paid for your article. YESS!!!! I love being a freelancer.

Can you relate???

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