16 Awesome Things You Can Actually Get Paid to Write About

Before we get started: With Contena Academy you can easily browse and search thousands of remote writing jobs across the …

Before we get started: With Contena Academy you can easily browse and search thousands of remote writing jobs across the internet. You can create a Contena account here and get all of your questions answered in our Contena FAQ.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that you’d like to give freelance writing a try. Perhaps you’re a decent writer and you’ve been wondering if there are things you could write about that people would be willing to pay you money for.

Some people step into freelance writing because they have a very specific niche or focus. This is great (for them), but for some of us, it’s not always obvious what we could write about.

Maybe you’re a “jack of all trades” and you wonder if there’s room for you in the world of freelancing.

There probably is!

In the last two years, I’ve put more of a focus on building my freelance writing business. To do that, I’ve had to search for work. A lot. An ongoing search for work is a necessary part of being a freelancer unless you find yourself in the fortunate position of steady, regular clients, and referrals.

Since it’s not an easy (or quick) task to search for freelance work, Contena has made it so much more efficient to find high-quality writing jobs that allow me to work from anywhere.

My income has gone up immensely since joining at the end of 2016 (okay- sales pitch over!).

One of the things I’m always amazed by, as I search for work, are the random job listings that also sound pretty awesome if you’re someone who knows (or can research) that particular area.

Check out these 16 awesome things you can get paid to write about

  1. FoodWe all eat it, why not get paid to write about it? How amazing would that be to build your writing career around restaurants and eating?
  2. Reality TV. If you love all things Housewives, Bachelors, Big Brothers, and the like, then how fun would it be to get paid to write about them? To me, this sounds like a dream job!
  3. Maybe reality TV isn’t your thing, and you want to write about “real” celebrities (no offense, Housewives, if any of you are reading this!), then this job is for you.
  4. If you’re someone who is into gaming, how awesome would it be to get paid to write about them? You could write about video games and put that money right back into more equipment for your gaming needs.
  5. Social Studies. Yep, as in Jr. High Social Studies. If this was your favorite class in school, there’s room for you to make money writing about it.
  6. If you are a dog lover, then you might have blogs and publications you follow. Why not be a contributor to a publication for pets and their owners, like the publication that wants someone who can write about holistic dog health.
  7. Crossword Puzzles. Someone has to write them! Might as well be you, right? It never occurred to me that there would be a search for a freelance crossword puzzle writer. And yet, there is!
  8. Alcohol isn’t just for drinking these days; people want to read about it! If you know about all those drinks you’re enjoying, then consider applying for a job as a booze blogger.
  9. Sometimes speaking another language as a writer will help you get a job, like this company that wants someone who can speak Mandarin.
  10. Are you knowledgeable about home and personal security? There’s a freelance position for you too.
  11. If one of your hobbies includes organic gardening then there’s a blog for you to apply to also!
  12. What’s the capital of Minnesota? How fast can an Emu run? What’s the tallest structure North of the equator? Know the answers? Maybe a job in trivia writing is perfect for you.
  13. Tea lovers read blogs too (probably while they’re sipping on tea). So, if you know more than a teacup’s worth of information about tea, you might be interested in this listing.
  14. Costume guides. You know- the descriptions of costumes that tell you all about it and make you feel like you need to have it? Yep- you could get paid to write those.
  15. Do you love a good kilt? Are you aware of the best places to find other kilt-wearers? Then writing about the kilt lifestyle might be right up your alley.
  16. BeautyIf you love all things makeup and styling, then there can be lots of work for you in the beauty industry, from reviews to tutorials and more.
Wondering what you can get paid to write about as a freelance writer? Here are 16 legit jobs for freelance writers. You might have a narrow niche as a writer, but there are still freelance writing jobs where you can make money!
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And these are listings I found recently; there are sure to be even more random listings when you take the time to search. Keep in mind, some niched publications will pay very well, and others may not pay much. Regardless, don’t ignore your random knowledge, skills, and abilities- you might be surprised about how they might lead you to a paying writing gig! And, don’t be afraid to search for “Your random interest” and “paid writing position”- you never know what you might find!

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