How to Make the Most of Summer as a Freelancer

Nothing beats freelance writing in the summer. Winter has some great moments, sure. Working by a cozy fireplace and snuggling …

Nothing beats freelance writing in the summer.

Winter has some great moments, sure. Working by a cozy fireplace and snuggling up in soft blankets. Autumn is filled with lovely foliage and is marked by the beginning of hot chocolate weather. Spring revitalizes us.

But summer has the sunshine-y distinction of being the favorite of many a freelancer.

Here’s why!


Summer festivals are everywhere, even in the smallest of small towns. Freelancers have never-ending opportunities to meet and greet potential clients. 

When you’re in public, your face, your attitude, and your appearance are your elevator pitch. Iron a clean shirt and slap a smile on that face!

You can also take advantage of the festivities by handing out business cards as a way to connect and network. (People still use actual business cards! It’s true!)

Pro tip: Tack some of your business cards up on bulletin boards at local shopping centers. You never know who will walk by! 

Libraries usually have summer programs for readers and writers. Even if you’re not interested in joining a group or club, you can at least show up and introduce yourself. Getting your face out there is the name of the game this summer!

Happy people create great things and attract other positive people. Let your smile be your tagline for the summer.

Your Health

Summer is good for your health.

Fresh air and sunlight are scientifically proven to make people happier. Even if you prefer rainy days (and who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?), you should build a habit of getting a little sunshine whenever possible.

It could be a quick trip to your mailbox or sunning yourself in a hammock while reading a book. To really step up your summer game, choose books that will help you become a better writer or check out some how-to books on building your freelance business.

Don’t forget the SPF!

A lot of us suffer from winter weight gain. I spend each spring slowly waking up from hibernation. But fresh green grass and blue skies give us a reason to wake up, go for a walk, a run, or play some volleyball. Get moving!

Exercise is great for your mind, body, and spirit, and it’s also incredibly refreshing for your creativity. What is a writer without creativity? I shudder at the thought!

I usually eat better in the summer. The availability of delicious fresh fruits and veggies is more tempting than the best piece of cake. Get down to the farmer’s market or local produce stand and pick up some goodies.

Even if you don’t find anything appealing, you’ll at least be networking. Don’t forget to take your smile!

Taking a Break

Self-care is essential all year round. The summertime gives you a reason to break free from your home office or co-working space and take a pause from your hard-working hustle.

Sometimes when I feel that I’ve run out of ideas, I focus on my hobbies to take a break and recharge my creative energy. I pick up a book or a paintbrush or go see a movie.

Summer is the best time for movies! All the big studios wait until the warm months to release their biggest blockbusters. After reading or watching a movie, I always have new ideas to begin fresh.

If you’re still in school, a summer break is exactly what you need to work on your freelance writing career. Take advantage of the time off by building your network and practicing your craft.

Learn a New Skill

Yes, it’s a good time for a vacation, but it’s a time when many publications are looking for travel writers.

Oh, you’re not a travel writer, but you want to be?

Summer is the season to hop on that plane to Spain, my friend!

Airline ticket prices continue to decrease, and you have a whole world that is waiting to be written about. Or maybe it’s just an excellent reason to hatch an escape plan and see someplace new.

It’s also a time for reflection. The middle of the year is the perfect time to reflect on where you’ve been and assess where you want to be by the end. Take some summer courses, online or in person. Check out the training Contena Academy if you’re a member, or read blogs that teach you the skills you need to reach your year-end goal.

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Getting—and Staying—Productive

Summer breeze makes us feel fine!

The days are longer, so we tend to work extended hours, getting more done than we did in the dark autumn and winter hours. Waking up at 8 am doesn’t feel like such a chore when sunlight is streaming in the window, and you’re not buried under a down comforter.

The summer sun pumps us up for the day. Especially when we get started early, we feel more productive and confident, which leads us to working more efficiently, and the cycle repeats.

Working from home on a 90-degree day is heaven if for one reason alone: air conditioning.

Working in a shared space gives you zero say in the temperature, but at home, you are the reigning ruler of weather. Some like it hot, but some like it very cold. Turn that bad boy all the way down to 60 if you want.

It’s YOUR office.

Lounge around in your swimsuit all day if the occasion calls for it!

Scout New Locations

Sometimes I just need a change of scenery to improve my mood or increase my productivity.

The warm months are the perfect time to scout for new favorite places to hang out and get your creativity on! Visit the outdoor café you’ve been meaning to check out.

You might find a new favorite spot to meet with potential clients or you might find a new diner to take them out to a lovely brunch.

If you’re going alone, take your notebook or a laptop. You never know when inspiration will strike.

If you want to travel a little farther from home for some creative stimulation, find a road less traveled and spend some time in nature. Pop a tent or hang a hammock and meditate.

Spend some time writing thoughtfully under the big green trees and beautiful blue sky. I promise you that you won’t regret that time spent.

Summer is no time for slouching. You don’t have to be a sun-worshipper to reap its benefits. Simply embrace this bright and invigorating time to meet new people, set new goals, and keep yourself busy with all your new connections.

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