4 Ways To Make More As A Freelancer

Are you looking to level-up on your monthly invoices? If so, you’ll find that you’re in good company. One thing …

Are you looking to level-up on your monthly invoices? If so, you’ll find that you’re in good company.

One thing you’ll never (ever) hear a freelance writer say is “I wish I made less money.”

Whether you’re saving up for a big purchase, have debt you’d love to get paid off, or if you’d just like to see your monthly income to grow, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these simple ways you can make more money as a freelancer, starting this month.

1. Raise Your Rates

Probably one of the most straightforward methods of seeing your income grow is to raise your rates.

However, to raise your rates you’ll need to be in the right position to do so.

With existing clients, you’ll need a proven track record of excelling at the job before you can ask for (and get) a higher rate.

For example, don’t go in willy-nilly, demanding more money from a client without a longstanding relationship.

Building trust and respect may take time, but if you enjoy working with a client, and they’re happy with your work, a pay bump just might be in your future.

New clients may be more amenable to paying a higher rate right off the bat, as long as your requested rate is reasonable and commensurate with your experience and expertise.

2. Grow Your Client Base

Growing your client list (and therefore, your income), will take some time and practice on your end, as does anything in freelancing.

After all, if it were as easy as “just go and get more clients,” we’d all have more work than we could handle.

Easier said than done, right?


Growing your client base will take some concerted effort, but it’s an entirely achievable goal. For many, it’s as simple as pitch, pitch, and pitch some more.

Note: Thankfully Contena makes this a natural move for any freelancer. With all the best gigs lined up and easily searchable, Contena can help you find the best clients to help build up your base in no time.

A bad habit some freelancers fall into is to stop pitching when they have a few clients on board. I’d never advocate taking on more than you can realistically handle, but pitching should always be an ongoing endeavor.

Not all freelancing gigs are open-ended.

The very nature of freelancing is uncertain, and your client work can dry up at the drop of a hat. By continually pitching you not only safeguard yourself against “dry spells” but you increase your earning potential.

Get Creative

By using come creativity an ingenuity, you can expand your existing client base and find yourself making some serious extra cash.

Look within your freelance writing niche or your area of expertise for different avenues for client work.

For example, if you’ve been primarily writing blog posts for health and wellness companies, perhaps look into copywriting for health brands.

Go Local

Most of our business comes via the web these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities right in your own backyard.

If you’ve mainly been sourcing your client work online, try seeking out local businesses which may benefit from your services.

Check out the websites, newsletters, and other print from businesses you frequent.

Do you see an area where you can offer your services? If so, try pitching the business owner by showing them what you can do to help them grow their business.

3. Increase Your Service Offerings

Adding service upsells to your offerings is another great way to earn more money, even from existing clients.

You may need to invest time (and possibly some money) on the front end to learn a new skill, but it will pay off down the line if you market yourself correctly.

Have a passion for grammar and actually enjoy editing your work? Consider offering editing services in addition to your writing.

If you’ve mainly been writing blog posts and articles, look into learning how to write press releases or white pages.

By offering different types of writing services, you open yourself up to a broader client base, and thus, more money to be earned.

Bundle Up

Some writers market their varied services by offering clients a choice of packages in addition to their a la carte services.

For example, if you’ve got the knack for photo sourcing and editing, try offering a deluxe blog package that includes photo work as well.

Packages allow you to quickly earn more per project and are super customizable, which clients tend to appreciate.

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4. Niche Down Where The Money Is

If you’ve been at the whole freelancing thing for a bit, you’ll probably have noticed that particular niches post jobs more frequently than others.

It’s also true that some niches are more profitable than others.

If your central niche isn’t paying well, consider your options. Sometimes serving the demand is the best way to boot your income. Other times, switching niches altogether may do the trick.

Smart Marketing

Remember, you can always break into a new niche, develop a sub-category, or consider doing a little of both.

While it is true that niched down writers seem to be more successful, it’s okay to specialize in two, even three areas, if you do it correctly.

First and foremost, you’ll need to amass samples in your new niche. To then monetize your new specialization, market your different topics separately.

For example, create a portfolio for each of your writing verticals. You can then send potential clients a targeted compilation of samples explicitly geared towards them.

Some freelancers will list their niche areas on their website, using separate pages for different topics. By using multiple pages, you can show off your work in a professional manner and explain your offerings while staying on target with the niche audience.

Get Going

One of the best parts about freelancing is the freedom to shape your business so it works for you. Freelance writing may be one of the most diversified career paths, with many money-making avenues you can explore.

Use these income boosters, alone or in combination with each other, to be sure you have your most profitable year yet.

Mind you, none of these are get-rich-quick ideas and will require legwork on your end, but, after all, you’re a freelancer.

You got this!

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