Jason Owings

Jason got started as a Personal Trainer / Strength Coach back in 2003. Shortly after starting he attained the first of many certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer. Since then he has pursued various specialty coaching and training certifications such as; TRX, Apex Nutrition, Titleist Performance Institute Coach – Fitness Level 2, Olympic lifting, as well as a High School Strength & Conditioning certification. This background combined with many years of hands on experience has allowed him to work with a wide array of individuals and teams from various different backgrounds and abilities. His personal passions include spending time with his family, going to Tahoe, Running, biking, backpacking and competing in Spartan Races. He uses his passion for fitness to help others live more functional, capable lives, and uses the gym as a means to help people attain their personal level of fitness.

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