Interview with Jennifer Marino Walters: Founder of Double Duty Twins

jennifer-headshotJennifer Marino Walters is a metro-area mama and the founder of Double Duty Twins (Plus One!) where she writes about parenting and various children’s topics. She also tweets up a storm here!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, what did you do in your previous life?

My name is Jennifer Marino Walters, and I am a freelance writer from Brooklyn, NY. I am a mom to twin boys who will start kindergarten this fall and a toddler girl. I am also an Army wife — my husband, Keith, is a lieutenant colonel. My family has moved around a lot, but we currently live in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

I was an editorial assistant at TIME For Kids magazine in New York City when I met my husband. I moved with him to Northern California for 18 months while he attended grad school. While there, I worked as a communications manager for a children’s non-profit, but I really missed the publishing world. So when the Army transferred us back to New York for three years, I became an assistant managing editor at BizBash and then a senior editor at Scholastic.

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Interview with Kat Boogaard of Lemonade Linings

kate-boogaard-headshotKat Boogaard is the founder of Lemonade Linings the formula of which is BIZ OWNERSHIP TIPS + POSITIVITY + SELF-DEVELOPMENT + DOG PHOTOS = LEMONADE LININGS. She also tweets awesome things here

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, what did you do in your previous life?

I live in a small town in Northeastern Wisconsin. Most people that find my work immediately assume that I reside in a larger city—such as New York or San Francisco. But, I really love the small town life!

Before switching to freelancing full-time, I worked as a Marketing Assistant for my local Convention and Visitors Bureau. We promoted travel to the local area in an effort to draw more visitors dollars into our economy. Marketing travel was definitely a fun gig, but I always found myself itching to venture off on my own!

2. How did you first get into freelancing?

I began freelancing when I was still employed full-time—I suppose “side hustle” is the trendy name for it now. I wrote for a few small, local publications and collaborated with a few area businesses in my free time. I really enjoyed it, and made an effort to continue building up my side business. Eventually, I decided to just take the leap and dive into that completely! It was terrifying, but also really thrilling.

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Introducing Your Contena Coach

I’m excited to officially announce that members now have access to a Contena Coach.

We have been testing this with a few groups of members internally and many of these members have already seen impressive results.

Your Contena Coach can help you to create an effective pitch, refine your writing samples, improve your portfolio and show you what’s working when applying for new gigs.

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Interview with Elna Cain: Full-Time Income from Freelancing Part-Time

elna-cain-headshotElna Cain of and FreelancerFAQ’s is a freelance writer and mom, earning a healthy full-time income from freelancing part-time.

Both of Elna’s sites serve as an excellent starting point for freelancers. Contena is even mentioned in a few of her guides 🙂 So I’m really glad that she agreed to do this interview. What a great way to kick off 2016!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, what did you do in your previous life?

Hi! My name is Elna Cain. I’m from Canada, a freelance writer and a mom to twin toddlers.

They just turned three and life as we know it is never quiet, but full of laughter, gripes, yells and hiccups (they’ve been getting a lot of those lately….).

I’ve been freelance writing for a little over a year now and have been able to earn a healthy full-time income doing this part-time.

Before I had my twins I taught children with autism in the school setting. My background is in education and psychology, but I primarily write about digital marketing for my clients. Go figure!

Besides writing about digital marketing, I also do copywriting and I’m a ghostwriter for some key influencers online.

I also run a freelancing blog called FreelancerFAQs alongside Alicia Rades. It’s a place to get your freelancing questions answered.

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Contena in 2016: An Exciting Year Ahead.

Happy 2016!

Today I want to look at what we were able to accomplish in 2015 and also share some really exciting new features planned for this year!

2015 was a BIG year for us.

Contena was born in May of 2015, and we *officially* launched in mid June.

Before Contena launched, many freelance writers and editors were spending 80% of their time searching for work, and only 20% of their time actually writing.

As a freelancer, you don’t get paid to search for work. You get paid to write, edit and create content!

So we created Contena to help freelancers discover the best paid gigs, while dramatically reducing the amount of time spent searching for work.

The incredible feedback that we’ve received over the last 7 months helps to validate that we are on the right track.

Less than a day after launching Contena, we began receiving emails from members who were already landing amazing new jobs and clients using our service.

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Write With Warnimont: An Interview with Joe Warnimont

joeThis week we have a really great interview with Joe Warnimont of Write with Warnimont.  Joe is a full time freelance writer, author and blogger and his stories don’t disappoint!  In a previous life he was chased by Harrison Ford’s dog and asked to transport $20,000 in an “oversized suit”.  Enjoy.

Hey Joe.  Tell us a little bit about yourself… Where are you from and what did you do in your previous life?

I’m located in Chicago, after a few years of bouncing around. It all started growing up in a small Chicago suburb called Roselle, after which I went to beautiful Bloomington, Indiana to study business at IU.

Throughout all of college I had a strange inclination to become a talent agent, so I worked for an agency in Chicago for two summers and ended up out in Los Angeles, running errands in the mail room at United Talent Agency.

This led to rather strange stories like running away from Harrison Ford’s dog after trying to deliver a script to his front door, and tucking $20,000 in my over-sized suit to deliver to one of the top agents. Overall, I wanted a more creative, and less hectic job, so after graduation I began writing on the side and took a job at a golf software company, where I worked on the marketing team.

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Interview with Nicole Dieker: Musician to Full Time Writer in 6 Months

Today I’m excited to share my recent interview with Nicole Dieker. Nicole has written for high profile sites like The Billfold, Yearbook Office, The Penny Hoarder, and Boing Boing. She also chronicles her earnings from writing each month on The Write Life – a blog that helps freelance writers create, connect and earn. Nicole is also in the process of writing a novel The Biographies of Ordinary People.

nicole-dieker-headshotHi Nicole, great to have you. Let’s jump right into this… How did you first get into freelancing?

I got into freelancing because I needed a way to make money while working as a performing musician. I knew that if I took a job that tied me to an office (or coffee shop or retail store), I wouldn’t be able to keep up my performance schedule. So I signed on to a content site called Crowdsource, and began writing short articles for around 3 cents a word.

From there—well, I’ve always been good at writing, and what I quickly realized was that I was really good at freelancing. I could turn around a post in an hour, and I could write four or five short posts a day. I was reliable, I hit my deadlines, and I could turn in clean copy. Plus, I started to love the work. It was very different from being a musician and begging bars to let me play to an uninterested audience!

So I very quickly began to ramp down the music work and ramp up the writing. I got better clients, I got contributor roles at publications like The Billfold (which is the closest a freelancer gets to a guaranteed monthly income) and I built a career.

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Contena Scout Walkthrough

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Contena Alerts Walkthrough

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Contena Rates Walkthrough

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